Becoming a better man

“When I was a kid/young adult I had a few people I looked up to with great admiration. Two of them in particular were my high school lacrosse coaches. My senior year, our team took a trip down to Maryland to play. On our trip, we went to Baltimore and were walking through the city. I was trailing behind, checking out the harbor, and I witnessed my coach walk up to a homeless veteran, he shook his hand and gave him some money and told him to go get a good meal. He caught me watching him, I told him that was really nice of him. He told me “being a man isn’t about what you have, it’s about helping others if you have the ability to.” I told his son about it and he told me his dad was a Freemason and was always doing things like that. After that, I always wanted to be a part of the Freemasons. Joining the lodge enables you to be a part of a group of like-minded men, who genuinely care about each other, the community, and mankind in general. That’s what I get from being a member. The desire to be a better man, better brother, better friend and family member, and a better man in our community.

The Freemason’s are for sure misunderstood on a regular basis. Being a young-ish member of the lodge, I’ve had a lot of questions from my peers about what goes on behind closed doors and what it’s all about? if I’ve found out where we’re hiding the treasure yet? are all presidents required to be Freemasons? have I learned about the illuminati yet?! I always respond by saying, “If you’re so interested, ask a brother to join up!” Our history proves all those theories/conspiracies wrong. No matter what people think, if they do enough research they’ll find that some of the greatest men in history were Freemasons and the world is truly a better place after them. Our Island is a better place because of some of our brothers, and their kindness didn’t need recognition, good deeds weren’t done for recognition. They were done because it’s the right thing to do, and people deserve a helping hand sometimes.”

Brian Patrick Hall, Junior Warden, Oak Bluffs

A long line of Masons

“Good men become better when good men from all stations in life and various occupations work together, learn from each other and encourage each other as brothers. My grandfather, his brothers, and my great uncle were Masons. I was a member of DeMolay, the Masonic-sponsored young men’s group, during my adolescent years. The men I knew who were Masons were the kind of men I wanted to be like. I learned a lot of what I know about good leadership, citizenship, and caring for others from my connections in Masonry and my faith community. I joined Masonry as soon as I was old enough, in 1982.”

David Berube, Oak Bluffs